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{ Release Blitz - Tank - Fallen Angel's MC 2 by Erin Trejo }


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Tank’s life began and ended when he got involved with the Fallen Angel’s MC. That same year his ex-girlfriend, Candy took his little girl and ran. Tank lived through the club trying to pick up the pieces of his broken life. Years later his daughter Bella shows up on his doorstep alone. With her mother missing, Tank takes his daughter in and loves her. When Tank met Cher his world seemed to be falling into place. He had his daughter back and his new girlfriend. Life seemed good, too good. When his life is sent into a tailspin, he relies on his club to protect his family from the one person that hurt both of his girls. Will Tank be able to come to terms with the past and keep his newfound family together or he will lose them all again?  


I make a mental note to talk to Creed about this little prick when I get in. For now, I need to try and get some sleep. Like that’s going to happen now.

I lie in bed and thank god for the guys. If it wasn’t for Griff I would have never been able to keep Bella under the radar for so long. I knew I didn’t want her in this shit since she came to live with me but it’s not an easy task to keep her away from it.

Griff and his ex-wife, Sandra did all they could to help me but it looks like that’s about to come to an end tomorrow. She can’t stay here anymore and sending her to Sandra’s isn’t an option either. She has her own life to deal with and Bella is mine.
  I don’t know that I can ever thank them enough for helping me as much as they have.

Closing my eyes, I know I need to get some sleep to deal with this hell.  

By michelle ferrari-johnson on February 12, 2016
Format: Paperback
I absolutely love book two in the Fallen Angels MC series! I was given an arc in exchange for an honest review and Erin Trejo again pulls off a fantastic story! This story is about Tank, the Fallen Angels VP!
Tank's past has always been a huge torment for him and no one knows all he went through. The love of his life took off with their daughter and he has never been able to find them. Suddenly, his daughter Bella shows up at the club. Her mother disappeared and she turned to her father as he is the only family she has. She is 17 years old and your typical rebellious teenager.
What Tank doesn't know, is that her childhood was worse than he could imagine. Cher, is Tank's girlfriend and his world. She is threatened by her ex. Quickly Tank learns Cher's ex, Thomas, is also responsible for his daughter's pain and suffering. The Fallen Angels protect each other without question. This story is well written and will have you hanging onto the edge of your seat.
I am looking forward to reading more in this sensational MC series!


5.0 out of 5 starsSmoldering Hot , Dangerous Bikers with Hearts!!
on March 27, 2016
Tank ( Fallen Angel's MC book # 2 ) - Erin Trejo ( 5 Stars ) Tank is the Hardened , Elusive VP of the Fallen Angel's's the only life and family he's ever known...Until Cher.... and he guards the few secrets he keeps with his life . One of those secrets is he had a daughter that was taken away from him when she was an infant . Now 16 ,she has broken away form the lies, Abuse & manipulations her mother used over her to get to know the man that abandoned her all those years ago ...or did he ?? But how do you tell the new woman in your life ,that you have a teenage daughter and expect that she'll hang around amongst all the other terrifying things in your world ? Just when it seems it can't get any worse Hopelessness, Pain and Violence from the past floats back into their lives threatening to tear them apart Forever . Will Tank leave the club days behind to keep his New family safe or will the whole family Rally together to protect what's theirs ??? I've read a few books by Erin Trejo before and each story she creates gets better and better .!! Tank is the second book in The Fallen Angel's MC Series. I got hooked on them while reading Creed and couldn't wait to sink my teeth into Tank & Cher's Storyline. Believe me Erin didn't disappoint me . Tank is Action packed with Hot Bikers who love to Dominate, Strong , Beautiful Woman with pasts that left them Broken and with Battlescars , and need help learning to love again. Raw, Emotional Heartbreak ,Twisted, Mind Numbing Violence and before I forget the juiciest part Earth Shattering Sex Scenes that leave you breathless and yearning for more . I didn't expect to find out that a Rough , Dominant VP of a Biker Gang, was a father and that he had his daughter ripped from his arms by his Ex , It was very sad to read the tormented words batted back and forth between father and Daughter , because they both wanted to reconnect , but had been hurt so bad .... all because of a woman that shouldn't have been a mother ....Who really wasn't a mother figure at all . OMG...Cher and Tank together. I love them to pieces . Tank knows just the way to push Cher to the brink of total bliss and then pull away to make her mad inside . I loved how Tank tried to push her away, it was heart breaking to read ,but both of them were already so much in love that it hurt to leave that new found hope. Every time they would fight I was dying inside ..until they had the best make up sex every imagined .!! Erin , I need my own Tank !!! I Don't know how I'm going to make it until the next book is released . you may find me sitting in my room, rocking back and forth , pulling my hair out slowly until it's release . Hurry Erin before I'm institutionalized for lack of Smoldering Hot , Dangerous Bikers with hearts !!


About The Author 

Erin Trejo is a wife, mother, child chauffeur and author. She loves being able to create different characters and spin a web that makes them come together in the end.
Her books do not stick to just on genre, they span many. She writes about things that are real life situations and fairy tales are not always smooth sailing. Her MC books are hard and gritty and they have struggles just like you would in life.
She also has books that are not so in your face. There are several that are good love stories that are fraught with issues that the characters have to deal with.

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