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{ Desire Had A Name by Tonya Brooks }

Desire Had A Name
By: Tonya Brooks
Genre: Romance

~ Excerpt From Desire Had A Name~
An excerpt from their backstory:

"What did you mean?" 
Pausing in the act of drowning his food in ketchup, Matthew asked, "When?"
"When you said you would be that man," Harley reminded him.
"I'll tell you when you're eighteen," he replied and took a bite of his burger.

Harley was more confused than she had been before. "So you want me to wait until I'm an adult before you'll even tell me what the hell I'm waiting for?" 

Matthew reached across the table and took her hand in his. Tingles of awareness shot to the oddest places when he rubbed his thumb lightly over the back of her fingers. "Me," he said quietly, his obsidian gaze ablaze with emotion. "I'm asking you to wait for me, Harley."

Mesmerized by the tenderness she saw in his eyes, her heart began to flutter in her chest. "For you," she repeated in a daze.

"Yeah," he confirmed and squeezed her fingers gently. "Can you do that?"
Wait two years for Matthew? Hell, Harley had already waited a lifetime and she still couldn't believe this was happening. "Yeah," she barely breathed. "I can do that."

 ~ Review By Within The Pages Book Blog ~

I loved getting to know Matthew, Harley
 and all the Baker's Family!

Desire Had A Name is about two people who loved each other from an early age but let circumstances get in there way! Years pass when Matthew and Harley are brought back into each others lives and discover that their feelings for each other didn't go away!  Secrets are revealed and things from the past are brought to light and we find out if Matthew and Harley can survive it.

Tonya Brooks did a great job keeping the story moving along. I enjoyed her use of flashbacks between the past and present time.  I only wish that more would have been explained regarding Harley's past in the beginning of the book. 

Desire Had A Name left me wanting to know more about the other Bad Baker Boys! 
I truly enjoyed reading Matthew's story and would recommend the book to anyone looking for a sweet and sexy love story!  

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