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{ Author Spotlight ~ Tonya Brooks }

~ Author Bio ~

Tonya  Brooks lives in Myrtle Beach, SC with her very own bad boy husband, who she happily admits is the inspiration for her male characters. She has two adult sons who refuse to read her books because moms are not supposed to know about sex, much less write about it.
When asked about her books, Tonya's standard reply is, "This ain't your mama's romance novel." Her books deal with raw, gritty, painful issues that real people face, with focus on the strength in overcoming them and there is always a Happily Ever After.
Her alpha males are as hot as a sultry Southern summer night, and the females have as much sass as sex appeal. When they meet, passions ignite hotter than a day at the beach and sparks fly like the Fourth of July. Look out for unexpected plot twists, some colorful language and ribald humor. Oh, and a goat. On a leash.
All of her books are currently being professionally edited and revised with individual character's point of view for ease of reading. Some scenes have been deleted and new ones have been added. One reader commented, "It's like reading an entirely different book!"

The Bad Baker Boys Series:
Book 1
Desire So Sweet: The Beginning

(This book was originally the prologue in the first book of the Bad Baker Boys Series, but due to popular demand, the character was given his own story which now serves as the beginning of the series and explains how the bad Baker boys came to be the bad boys we know and love!)

~ Synopsis ~

He thought he was a monster...

Jed Baker had lived through hell on earth and had the demons to prove it. Then he met an innocent girl who gave his troubled soul peace, but he couldn't bear to taint her sweetness with the death and violence threatening to consume him.

She knew he was a hero...

Ginny Lawson lived under the control of an abusive father who used her gentle nature and tender heart against her. She longed for someone to love her enough to save her, and when Jed rolled into town she knew that her hero had come.
~ Excerpt ~

The sound of the door slamming shut reverberated through the ten by ten holding cell, as loud and ominous as a death knell. The hunter had become the prey and now he'd been caged like an animal. Jed Baker's spine stiffened in defiance at the thought. Fuck that. He'd been in tougher situations before and come out on top.
But this time he wasn't on a government sanctioned op to annihilate the enemy. This time he didn't have the best goddamn SEAL team on the planet to back him up. This time he didn't even have the right to fight his way out of the mess he'd found himself in. If anything, he was as guilty as sin.
With that thought in mind, Jed turned around as instructed, and stuck his hands through an opening in the bars. He didn't move a muscle when the handcuffs were removed, nor did he rub the red gouges where they had dug deeply into his wrists.
What he did do was level a killing glare at the dipshit deputy to reinforce the warning that he'd given the man earlier. Peters, or Deputy Fife as Jed preferred to call him, met his cold, hard gaze and took a hasty step back. Jed let his lips curl into a menacing smile and the deputy paled to ash again.
The little shit had a right to be scared. The only thing that had saved him from the ass kicking that he deserved was the fact that Jed couldn't afford to add resisting arrest or assaulting an officer to the charges already levied against him. If he had a hope in hell of getting out of this mess, he was gonna have to play nice.
Had it not been for the years of discipline that the Navy had instilled, he would have given in to the violent rage simmering inside and beaten the living shit out of Reverend Lawson, and the hell with
the consequences. But Ginny had been upset enough at seeing him arrested and slapped in handcuffs; watching him tear her father to shreds wouldn't have helped the situation.
He walked over to the cot and sat down heavily, elbows on his knees, head in his hands. Jed closed his eyes and pictured Ginny's face the last time he'd seen her. Her father had been dragging her to the car, her clothes in her arms, tears streaming down her pretty face. The fear in those big blue eyes would haunt him until his dying day.
Yeah, 'cause he really needed another demon tormenting him.
In the last six months he'd lost everyone and everything that had mattered to him. His teammates had been slaughtered, his best friend was learning how to walk again, his career was over, and he'd lost both his grandfather and his home. Hell, he'd even lost his goddamn mind. And just when he thought things couldn't get any worse, he'd wound up in fuckin' jail.
How the hell had it come to this, Jed wondered in despair.

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Desire So Sweet:
Book 2
Desire Had A Name: Matt's Story
(Newly Revised Edition)

~ Synopsis ~

Can’t keep her, can’t get rid of her...

Matt Baker discovered the hard way that you don’t always get what you want. Especially when what he wanted the most was an infuriating woman who blackmailed him into marriage, refused to share his bed and then caught the first bus out of town before the ink on their annulment was dry. He hadn’t seen Harley in twelve long years and now she was back in his life, just as desirable and frustrating as ever. But this time around, he’s determined to make her his, no matter what it takes.

Some things are better left in the past...

At least that was what Harley Abbott Baker told herself when she ended the marriage made in hell and left her miserable hometown twelve years ago. She had sworn never to return to Lakeside and she wouldn’t be back now if she had a choice. No sacrifice was too great to make for her son, even if it meant facing his father. Discovering that she was still susceptible to Matthew’s bad boy charm reinforced her determination to get him out of her life once and for all, no matter what it takes.

~ Excerpt ~

Certain moments in life are so achingly profound that they stay with you forever. Moments that permeate the very depth of your being and haunt the dark recesses of your soul. Moments where every detail is permanently etched into the brain with crystal clarity, ready and waiting for instant recall. As he stared into the face of the woman he loved, Matt Baker knew that this was one of those moments.

Her waist length hair shone like spun gold in the pale winter sunlight. Her beautiful face was void of expression, but the peach colored lips were trembling, and her sapphire eyes revealed the last thing that he had ever wanted to see. Pain. The pain in her big sapphire eyes killed him because he was responsible for it.

How he wished he could hold her one last time before she stepped on that damn bus and left town. Before she left him. Matt couldn't even begin to imagine a life without her in it. For eighteen years, she had been his. His to protect, his to love. Until he had hurt her and shattered his own heart in the process.

Tears filled his eyes and he nearly choked at the excruciating sense of loss. Before he realized what he was doing, Matt had swept her into an embrace that nearly destroyed his wavering resolve to let her go. He savored the bittersweet heat that filled him as he reveled in the absolute joy of holding her in his arms again.
Her hands slid under his leather jacket, her arms wrapping around him, nails scoring his flesh as she returned the hug just as fiercely. This was the last time he would get to touch her, hold her... love her. The knowledge was unbearable and he closed his eyes to stop the tears from falling.
'Don't go,' he begged silently. 'Please, don't leave me.' But he could not utter the words aloud because he didn't have the right to ask her to stay. Not after everything he had put her through, and all the pain he had caused her.

“We've gotta go, ma'am,” he heard the driver say impatiently.
It took every bit of strength that he had to let her go as she pulled away from him to board the bus. He stepped up beside the window and watched as she strapped their son's infant carrier into the aisle seat and settled herself on the inside. His wife and child. They were his whole world and he was letting them go, because no matter how much it hurt, it was the right thing to do.

She placed her hand against the glass in farewell and he placed his hand against it on the outside. When the bus began to move, she turned away and he could have sworn he saw her look back at him one last time. Hoping against hope that she would change her mind, that the bus would stop and she'd get off, he stayed rooted to the spot until it disappeared from view.

Only then did he sink to his knees on the sidewalk, head bowed as he fought the pain that threatened to tear him in two. No, his heart screamed in anguish. But it was too late. Any chance he'd had of making things right between them was long gone. Just like Harley Abbot Baker, the she devil who owned his soul.
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Book 3
Revised Cover Reveal:
My Name Is Desire: Mark's Story

(This book is currently being professionally edited so an upcoming re-release date will be announced soon!)

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