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My Mafia/Organized Crime Romance up for Pre-order
Love & Corruption (Price is lowered to $1.99!)

~ Blurb ~
By a stroke of horribly bad luck, Jane Donovan finds herself a hostage to the rumored organized crime family of the Rhodes. Kept under lock and key until the Boss decides what to do with her, Jane meets John Rhodes, the only son and heir to the family business. Jane finds that she has a thing for him and he seems to reciprocate those feelings. But this is not anything like Jane's life at an 8 to 5 job with no real friends and not even a cat in her apartment. The more time she spends with the Rhodes household, the more she starts rethinking her former life though. Does she want to stay safe and live a dull life? Or choose something more dangerous? 
The life he lives is a hard one where people can turn on you at any moment and weapons drops are always dangerous. To complicate matters, his father is forcing him to settle down and get married since he is 30 now. Women never meant anything to John, but Jane changed all of that. She's different, and he likes her. She could be the answer to his problem.

The Twisted Destinies Series Omnibus
~ Blurb ~
Enter the world of vampires, a powerful vampire queen, a plague, and the ultimate ending with heartbreak, murder, and love.  Each book is a twisted tale and adventure in it's own right.  Books 1 and 2 can be read as a stand alone.
This is an omnibus of the Twisted Destinies Series. The books in this anthology are:
Twisted Destinies Book 1: Balloons in the Yard
Twisted Destinies Book 2: Venom
Twisted Destinies Book 3: Legacy
Twisted Immortals: A Twisted Destinies/Cain, The Immortal Mashup


Twisted Destinies Book 1: Balloons in the Yard (FREE on following URLs)

~ Blurb ~
Eight-year-old Laine Grant is about to go on a journey that she will want to turn and run from. Her situation is about to change as she is kidnapped by a vampire and forced to live underground, becoming a meal on occasion. While living in the underground community of vampires, she makes a friend, a boy about her age named Harry. He helps her escape, but years later they meet once again while they're both in college. A flame erupts between the two, but Laine never wanted to become one of them. Too bad the choice is about to be made for her. 

The Godfather Tree

 ~ Blurb ~
Once upon a time... 
the calm of the woods called to Crimson. making her feel welcome among the trees. Then she finds the note in the hollow of the tree, and strikes up a friendship with a boy she has never met. But he disappears along with the white wolf frequenting the area. 
Then danger returns and lurks in the dark shadows of the forest, waiting on its unsuspecting prey...

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Cain, The Immortal: Immortal Souls
~ Blurb ~
Darkness is just a symptom. It is an absence of light. Darkness in and of itself is not evil.

After killing his brother and being cursed to walk the earth as a physically and mentally scarred immortal, Cain just wants a normal life. But what he gets is a crazy vigilante vampire who is intent on having him. Christine can be very persuasive when she wants something, and what she wants is the dark immortal she bumped into one night at a bar called Tilt. Accidentally seeing a glimpse of his memories when they touch, she finds out that she isn't the only immortal in New York. And this one has a very dark secret. Christine can handle dark secrets, but can Cain handle her?

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