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Genre: Paranormal and Fantasy Romance

Author Bio:
Montana is a self-confessed book junkie. Although she loves reading all genres from romance to crime fiction to sci-fi, her not-so-guilty pleasure is paranormal romance. Alpha men, just a little bit damaged, and Alpha women who don't seem to know they need looking after, are a favourite combination of hers. Throw in some steamy sex scenes, a touch of humour, and a little violence and she is in heaven!
Her overactive (and overindulged) imagination could only take so much before the many voices wanted out. Thus, Montana's journey into the wonderful world of writing.
She is a scientist by day, having grown up in country New South Wales, Australia. Writing about ancient knights, demons and shapeshifters is such a delicious contradiction to her day job in the laboratory, that she doesn't see the voices stopping anytime soon!

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Warden, Elemental Paladins: 
Book One


Max is alone in the world with powers she doesn’t understand and can’t control. She’s sick, tired and to top it all off, she’s being stalked by creatures of nightmares. All she wants is a little help. Is that too much to ask for?

Ryker is a paladin, a knight born to protect and serve. But his past has shaped him into the dark, broody warrior he is today. Will one stray, sarcastic, sword-wielding Warden be able to heal his hardened heart?  


‘He was just walking past the window to grab his clothes when a flash of flesh from below caught his eye. Cali was dressed in her usual tight shorts and sports bra but it wasn’t the sight of the willowy blonde that had him freezing in his tracks. No it was the shorter, curvier red head, dressed in tights and a belly-revealing singlet top. She was bending over, head flush with her knees, arms wrapped her
 legs with all that glorious hair brushing along the ground. So much for negative reinforcement, he 
thought as he glared accusingly at his once again rigid dick. The woman’s arse was a thing of beauty, all round and firm, and his hands literally flexed with the need to touch. As if sensing his gaze, Max whipped herself upright, her turquoise gaze latching onto his form that was no doubt outlined perfectly in the early morning light. Hell, the window he was standing at was even arch-shaped, like he was posing for some cheesy romance novel or something. Panicking and acting purely in self-preservation rather than rational thought, he allowed his limbs to go loose and face-planted on the floor below the window.
For the next five minutes he could do no more than mewl like a kitten … he had landed directly on his stiff cock.’ Copyright 2015 Montana Ash. All rights reserved.

‘Max was livid … and confused … and livid. She was also horny as hell! She was finally able to maul the object of her lust like she’d been dreaming about and Axel swoops in like some, well, knight! She couldn’t believe the nerve of the man. Just who did he think he was? And to add insult to injury she didn’t even get to watch as the two warriors fought each other. Oh boy, she wished she could have seen the two males grappling with each other in all their muscled glory. But no! She had 
been sent to her room like some teenager with a curfew. If they thought they could order her around and deprive her of a real honest to goodness male-induced orgasm, they had another thought coming!’ Copyright 2015 Montana Ash. All rights reserved.

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Paladin, Elemental Paladins Series, 
Book Two


Honour. Duty. Loyalty. Control. These are the principles Darius lives by – almost to the point of obsession. They had forged him into a noble knight but had also cost him the woman of his dreams and wrought a non-relenting hatred for his personal nemeses; the chades.
When a tiny, redheaded, whirlwind of trouble descends upon him and his fellow knights in a flurry of questions and impossibilities, Darius finds himself struggling to reconcile his past values with his future desires.

For Diana, the arrival of Max brings with it a portent; revolution. As a paladin of death, acceptance is at her core. So embracing the sarcastic powerhouse as her sworn liege is easy. But embracing a certain air paladin who is a pathological rule-follower? Well, that isn’t so easy, despite the attraction they have shared for centuries.

With Darius confronted by his demons and a bitter Warden bent on exacting revenge, will the two knights ever reach their happily ever after?


‘Diana wasn’t sure what the tiny evil female had said to the man but Darius was now staring at her with hungry eyes and she found herself instantly hypnotised by the raw desire burning in their depths. Standing up and marching purposefully from the room, she felt helpless against his magnetic pull and followed him outside, careless of what anyone might think of their abrupt departure. The second she exited the building, she found herself pushed up against the rough brick as a wicked mouth laid siege to hers. A hard thigh pressed hers open as two large hands encouraged her to move freely. Darius broke the kiss, panting roughly and leaned down, burying his face in her hair.
“I love this hair; you know that right?”

​Oh yes. She knew that

​“Do you know what I dream of every night? What I’ve dreamed of every night for the last eight hundred years?” His voice was low and raspy as he twined the inky coils around and around his fingers. He gave a small tug. Oh, apparently she was supposed to answer.’ Copyright 2016 Montana Ash. All rights reserved.

‘Diana looked like a true knight of old – just as he had first seen her in the Crusades all those years ago. And now, just as he had then, he felt his heart take a tumble and his lungs stop working. Love at first sight; that’s what it must have been all those years ago … and love it must still be now. He only prayed he hadn’t left it too late to man up and take what was rightfully his.’ Copyright 2016 Montana Ash. All rights reserved.

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