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{ Author Spotlight ~ Maggie Adams }



Maggie Adams, is the author of the bestselling Tempered Steel Series. Her fans call her The Minx because she does like a bit of naughtiness with her romance! She lives in Highland, IL, with her husband, aka, ATTRACTIVE OVER FORTY MAN. He's also the head of her research and development (if you know what I mean *wink) She loves dancing, cooking, reading and writing romance, especially erotic romance. She makes sure each of her books have a little something about her in them, so keep your eyes open, she’s in there somewhere!

Meet the Coalsons – 
A few years ago, the tiny village of Grafton, Illinois, nestled along the banks of the mighty Mississippi River,was completely destroyed by flood. Mac Coalson setsabout the arduous task of saving what could be saved. 
When vandals strike the new construction, it was up to Mac and his brothers to catch the culprit before anyone is hurt. While laying a trap, Mac thought he had captured the criminal, but instead, he finds sassy spitfire, Dixie Harris, has stolen his heart.
Sam Coalson, ex-Navy SEAL, was run off fifteen years ago by the father of his high school sweetheart. He can’t forgive Angel Devereaux for her part in his humiliation, but he can and will find out who is behind the destruction of Mac’s construction business.
Charming Chance Coalson helps his brother run their construction business with a ready smile and a strong back. Considered the “Casanova of the County”, his love for women is legendary. Now this “bad boy” has become a one-woman man, and he must convince a shy firefighter he’s worthy of her love.
With only a small clue to the whereabouts of the arsonist, Lawrence “Lucky” Coalson heads to Las Vegas. While posing as a bouncer, Lucky finds himself ensnared by the lovely bartender, Claudia. But, like Lucky, she’s not what she appears to be and what happens in Vegas follows Lucky back home with unimaginable consequences.
While Lucky is away, Brandon and Nick foil an attempt to assassinate a pretty private eye and her sweet sister.Together with Sam and his best SEAL buddies, Jax and Noah, they vow to bring the ringleader to justice and rid their town of the criminals. But nothing goes according to plan, and the men must fight Mother Nature, a murderer, and the local law enforcement. 
Not to mention that the new secretary is definitely hiding something and it’s going to take all of Brandon’s sensuous skills to find her secret before a psycho ends her life.
While it appears the whole community is going to hell in a handbasket, Hank and Ginny Coalson are thankful that their youngest son, Tanner, and Dixie’s younger brother, Jamie, are away at school. But are they safe enough, when the drug lord and the arsonist combine forces that leaves a family friend severely injured? No one knows where or when the criminals will strike, so Hank makes his own preparations and in the end, no one is in doubt that the Coalsons are taking back their town.

Whistlin' Dixie
A Tempered Steel Novel - Book One

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Leather and Lace
A Tempered Steel Novel - Book Two

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Something's Gotta Give
A Tempered Steel Novel - Book Three

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Getting Lucky
A Tempered Steel Novella 

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Love, Marroage & Maynem 
A Tempered Steel Novel - Book 4

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