Monday, March 21, 2016

{ I Hear...Love By: Annalisa Nicole }

I Hear...Love
By: Annalisa Nicole

Kate Mason at twenty-three, feels as though she has lived through enough sorrow and pain to fill generations of lifetimes. On the outside, she wears a beautiful mask. On the inside, she’s a million, jagged, broken pieces. She blames herself, not only for her parent’s death, but for her brother’s blindness.
For Kate there is no hope of silencing the chaos in her head. There is no forgiveness for what she has done to her family, or herself. There will never be anyone to love her and her shattered past. 
Cooper Sullivan recently moved to Malibu and was immediately adopted by a stray black lab he named Sadie. Cooper soon realizes there is something very special about Sadie when she is drawn to a beautiful woman, with a kaleidoscope of emotions that churn deep in her eyes.
Cooper sees Kate’s broken pieces scattered all around her, but he finds himself wanting to show her just how beautiful each piece is. Underneath her mask, he sees an even more beautiful woman, and he wants to help her put the broken pieces back together. 
When you are broken you can never be fully put back together. There are always tiny slivers here and there that can never be replaced.
Can Kate finally silence the noise enough to forgive herself and hear the one thing she desires most? 
Can one truly hear…love?


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~ REVIEW BY: Within The Pages Book Blog ~

I Hear...Love
BY: Annalisa Nicole
5 stars

I was captivated from page one. The experiences that Kate went through in the past and the present was not something I have ever had to deal with or experience but I felt like I was living it right along with the characters.  Annalisa Nicole created characters who you can't help to fall in love with. I Hear...Love is a touching story about how letting love into one's life can change a person.  

Kate was dealt a bad hand in life when she was young and took that guilt upon herself. She ended up living inside her head and couldn't seem to find a way to release all the hurt and guilt. Then comes along Sadie and Connor. Sadie is a black lab who finds and takes to Kate immediately. Sadie's owner Connor also becomes transfixed on Kate and does everything he can to help her work through her past.

The story brought tears to my eyes.  I felt for Kate and her family. I Hear...Love does touch on the subject of suicide and how it affects everyone's lives. Kate felt at times that the only way to make things better was to end her life. However, the book also shows how hope, LOVE and family can help one overcome those dark desires. 

I can't wait to read the next book in this series...I need to know what the backstory is on the mysterious Stephen.

Cheers - E & L

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