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{ READ...LOVED...REVIEWED....I Speak....Love By Annalisa Nicole }

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I Speak....Love
Annalisa Nicole
5 Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Once again Annalisa Nicole has torn my heart apart but built it back up slowly. I Speak....Love had my emotions all over the place. 
 The characters were so well written and had my heart aching for them all.

After reading I Hear...Love my interest in Stephen was peaked. He was always the one on the outside who only said one or two words and was very closed off from the rest of the family. I needed to know more about his story. From page one I could tell that Stephen had many layers to himself. That he loved his family to the fullest but couldn't be apart of it because of the secrets he held. He didn't know how to be apart of their lives and not tell the secrets he held. 

Maddy, has a past as well and feels that she isn't good enough for anyone. She thinks that if anything good happens to her it will be taken away. She has set herself up with a routine that she feels she needs to keep things in line and control. 

Stephen and Maddy have a connection that they both are fighting against but can they be strong enough to stay apart? They each carry baggage but can love set them both free. You need to grab your copy today to find out.

I fell in love with Stephen and Maddy. My heart ached for them both but also rejoiced for their strength and courage to take a chance. Annalisa Nicole has done an excellent job showing real, true emotions of her characters. I can't wait for more!!!


I Speak...Love - Book Three
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