Wednesday, December 30, 2015

{ Hidden Scars by A.M Meyers }

Check out Hidden Scars by A.M Myers!!

Emma Harrington is an intelligent, confident, sweet and sassy woman. Or she was. . . before him. Emma sets out to rebuild her life and find the person she once was. A wrench is thrown into her plans when she meets Phoenix West, a sexy as hell, smooth-talking tattoo artist. As soon as Nix meets Emma, he knows he's found something special. He can't deny their connection and despite her reluctance, Nix slowly works his way through her hidden scars and into her heart. Just when Emma starts to breathe again, her fear resurfaces, threatening her hopes for the future. Will she ever be free to live the life she truly wants? Or will her torturous past finally catch up to her?

I had the pleasure of reading Hidden Scars and couldn't put the book down.  It was an amazing emotional roller coaster with twists and turns throughout!

A.M Myers had me at page one and kept me engrossed within the pages until the very end!

A Definite Must Read!

Hidden Scars takes you on an emotional roller coaster! I not only cried for Emma but I also screamed and yelled at her for doing and saying some of the things she did. I have never been in the particular situation that Emma faced but I felt like I was living it right along with her.

Phoenix...what can you say about him? Knight in shining star with tattoos or Emma's lobster? I think ultimately he is both! I fell in love with Phoenix and his patience and protective nature towards Emma. He came in after the storm and was able to help guide Emma back to gain pieces of herself back.

Hidden Scars takes you on a journey between NOW and THEN and you have to fit all the pieces together. I was on edge throughout the entire book. I couldn't put the book down - read it in one day!

A.M Meyers I am so glad I found you and can't wait for more from you!

Hidden Scars is amazing and I fell in love with Emma and Nix!

5++++ STARS!!!!

If you haven't gotten to know Nix and Emma yet - what are you waiting for?

Cheers ~ E & L

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